Fox Pottery is about a passion for clay, and ingenuity. We feature a range of products from housewares and artisan items to beautiful jewelry collections. We don't just create items that are attractive, we create items that are functional and become a part of your daily lives.

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Tiffany at Wheel

I took my first pottery class during the 2nd year of my bachelors degree. As soon as I began to center the clay, something clicked. "This is it!" I discovered my outlet to create. I began to spend as much time at the wheel as possible. After much encouragement from others, I began living my dream and marketing a business I created with my own two hands.

It is my hope that people who own my pottery will enjoy it in their daily activities just as I do.

Red Mug

Fox Pottery maintains the beautiful process of creating. Everything we do has been thrown on a wheel or hand built by slab. We high-fire our pots for the most durable product that is microwave, oven, and dishwasher safe.

Stamping is our signature technique. Each stamp was hand carved by Tiffany out of clay. Carved stamps are then used to create unique patterns on our pieces.

This is what we offer our customers. We know you will immediately sense that Fox Pottery creates with earth, fire, and soul.

Tiffany Fox

Tiffany is the founder and artist for Fox Pottery. She has a BFA in Interior Design and is currently working as a commercial interior designer at an architectural firm. When she is not working there, you can find her at her wheel creating beautiful pottery or enjoying fresh air with her pup "Mia."

Michael Robson

Michael runs the finances and assists in operations for Fox Pottery. He has a BS in Business, loves numbers, and is excited to watch the company grow. In his spare time, Michael can be found working in the yard or relaxing with his dog "Rambo."

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